DairyTech visitors profile

More than 4 000 industry professionals came to see equipment, technologies, ingredients and ready-made package at the international exhibition of equipment for milk and dairy production DairyTech 2023.

DairyTech visitors are the key customers for the manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for milk and dairy production, technologies, packaging equipment and ready-made package, ingredients, filling & bottling, cooling & freezing equipment as well as equipment for ice-cream production.

The number of DairyTech visitors increased up to 65% compared to the previous year. The exhibition became a single platform for more than 4 000 industry professionals from 75 Russian regions and 23 countries, who were looking for up-to-date solutions for their businesses.

Unique visitors’ audience

Commercial and Sales directors, specialists of dairy enterprises attend DairyTech every year. In 2023 most of the visitors (32%) were representatives of companies involved in milk and dairy products production.

DairyTech 2023
DairyTech 2023

Below is the breakdown by visitors’ area of business apart from milk and dairy products manufacture.

DairyTech 2023

The visitors came looking for solutions that could help to expand or modernize their enterprises: equipment, technologies, services, ingredients, ready-made package.

General managers and owners among DairyTech visitors

The exhibition is attended not only by experienced managers, but also by top-managers: general managers and company owners, deputy general managers, heads of departments (66%).

DairyTech 2023

Visitors are willing to conduct negotiations and conclude contracts – 70% of the audience are responsible for procurement processes in their companies.

Thousands of visitors plan to sign contracts after the exhibition

According to the DairyTech 2023 visitors survey more than 3 000 visitors (71%) came to discover and purchase new products and services that they can implement in the manufacturing processes at their enterprises.

TOP-3 products that visitors were mostly interested in:

  • Dairy processing equipment (63%);
  • Cheese making equipment and technologies (39%);
  • Package and packaging materials (38%).

And next positions are taken by:

  • Packaging machinery and bottling equipment (32%),
  • Butter making equipment and technologies (27%),
  • Production automation process, service and related services (25%),
  • Starter cultures and ingredients (23%),
  • Refrigerating and freezing equipment (19%),
  • Laboratory equipment (17%),
  • Cleaning equipment / systems (16%),
  • Construction and design of food production buildings (16%),
  • Equipment and technologies of milk concentrates production (15%),
  • Equipment and technologies for ice cream production (14%).
DairyTech 2023
DairyTech 2023

The DairyTech visitors use the exhibition as the unique platform to purchase all necessary equipment for their enterprises. Due to this 59% of visitors audience met new suppliers and business partners in 2023.

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