Materials for DairyTech 2025 exhibitors

Welcome to the 23nd International exhibition of equipment for milk and dairy production DairyTech 2025.

We are pleased that you have joined us this year for what should prove to be a very successful show in Moscow, Russia. We do value your efforts in helping to make this a success.

To help you have a great experience at DairyTech 2025 and get the answers to the most popular questions right away, we have developed these memos for you. Please kindly take a look at them.

Exhibitor info letter

Here you will learn the information regarding the show schedule, where you can find the organizer office, food courts, exhibitor lounge, Internet access tips, the information about the Gala event, parking lots and much more.

Security rules

To ensure your safety while you are visiting the show, please read carefully this memo and follow its instructions.

Business program

The events of the DairyTech exhibition in 2025 represent 3 days of a rich business program with the participation of experienced speakers from processing companies, retail, government departments, consulting and branding companies.