Dairy industry leaders at DairyTech 2024

Leading market players choose the DairyTech exhibition to maintain business ties with the community of industry professionals every year. Find out which of the key industry leaders will be presenting equipment booths and get a free ticket!

Less than two months remain until the start of the industry's key business event – the DairyTech 2024 exhibition. Already more than 160 Russian and foreign companies have confirmed that they will showcase their equipment and services in 14 thematic sections.

Among the new names and annual exhibitors are major players in the dairy industry: Galdi, Clever Machines, Kieselmann, Alfa L Service, DMP, Profitex, Tauras Fenix, Process Engineering, Trepko, Omega Food Tech, Packaging Systems, as well as major foreign exhibitors such as Bertsch FoodTech (Austria), Uzermak, Kromel, Hommak (Turkey).

In this post we have collected basic information about the leading market players to help future visitors to navigate among the diversity of the exhibition exposition.



At DairyTech 2024, it will be possible to learn about efficient filling systems from company representatives.

The Galdi product range includes Gable top filling solutions for fresh milk, milk with extended shelf life, as well as various dairy products, fruit juices, egg melange, soups and bulk products.

Clever Machines

The company designs and supplies process lines for the production of dairy and food products, using engineering on European components.

During the days of the exhibition, the stand will be available to talk to official representatives and learn about equipment such as:

  • Pumps for the dairy industry,
  • Dairy valves and taps,
  • Homogenizers,
  • Pasteurization and cooling plant for milk,
  • Plate heat exchangers for dairy industry,
  • Membrane filtration plants for milk,
  • And many other.


Holding is the inventor of the butterfly valve and supplier of complete solutions for mechanical cleaning, displacement systems, membrane filtration plants, pasteurization modules, sinks, accessories, pipes, flow switching panels, etc.

During the 3 days of the DairyTech 2024 exhibition, all guests will be able to visit the company's booth and learn about different solutions of equipment such as:

  • Butterfly valves (butterfly valves, ball valves, butterfly valves with leakage control),
  • Tank equipment (safety valves and tank washing equipment),
  • Valves (single and double seat valves),
  • Modules (complete solutions for sustainable production),
  • Accessories and pipes (for the food industry).


The company is engaged in the development of technological solutions, supply of equipment and complete lines for the production of dry dairy products and butter according to high quality standards.

If your business needs such solutions, at DairyTech 2024 you will be able to talk to the "DMP" team and learn about:

  • Drying plants,
  • Vacuum evaporators,
  • Crystallizers,
  • Filtration plants,
  • Equipment for oil production.


The plant is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of filling equipment for the food industry, and also cooperates with large and small food industry enterprises in Russia and abroad.

During DairyTech 2024, visitors will be able to learn about the filling equipment for all types of products, group packaging equipment and automatic filling lines offered by Profitex. They will also be able to learn about conveyor systems, product mixing stations, labelers, CIP washers and other equipment.

Tauras Fenix

Tauras-Fenix is a Russian manufacturer of packaging equipment for the food industry, the range of which includes more than 150 different models.

At the DairyTech exhibition, industry specialists will be able to learn from the company's representatives about various solutions for the dairy industry, including:

  • Automatic filling and bagging machines for dairy products;
  • Filling lines, tri-blocks;
  • Dispensing equipment;
  • And many other.

Process Engineering

The company specializes in engineering solutions for food and non-food industries, and offers design, manufacturing and supply, installation and commissioning services for both individual pieces of equipment and complex production lines and complete plants.

During 3 days all interested visitors will be able to visit the company's stand to learn more about its services as well as individual projects of any complexity.

Packaging Systems

The company is a leading manufacturer of carton packaging and provider of integrated solutions in equipment and services.

Packaging Systems offers 17 packaging formats, in addition, the company's portfolio includes packaging for different product usage situations – portioning, family, and large volume packaging.

Visitors to DairyTech will be able to find out all the details from the team of representatives on January 24-26.

DairyTech 2024 is the industry's key event in Moscow

All dairy industry specialists will be able to receive high-quality consultations from the companies’ representatives regarding equipment, ingredients and ready packaging they are interested in.

In addition to domestic market leaders, guests will be able to familiarize themselves with the exposition of major foreign market players such as Bertsch FoodTech (Austria), Uzermak, Kromel, Hommak (Turkey) and many others.

Don't miss DairyTech 2024: modernization of production, new partners and profitable contracts will be available to everyone!

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