You can visit DairyTech 2022 by taking PCR test in the RZD-Medicine mobile laboratory at Crocus Expo

Where to take a PCR test to get a QR code

You need to take a PCR test in a facility connected to EMIAS (Russian Unified Medical Information Analysis System) — the test results will be automatically loaded into the EMIAS and converted into a QR code.

If you are not from Moscow or Russia, you need to get a QR code at

PCR testing at Crocus Expo during DairyTech 2022

A mobile PCR laboratory of RZD-Medicine will be available at Crocus Expo from 20.01.2022 to 27.01.2022. The test site will be located in the VIP parking lot in front of Pavilion 2. The minimum time of test result delivery in the mobile laboratory is 1.5 hours. To register for testing at Crocus Expo, go to the Partner website and choose the Pharmtech & Ingredients 2021 location at Crocus Expo. The mobile laboratory will have a special price for express testing — 2000 RUR (will be ready in up to 3 hours) and 3000 RUR (will be ready in up to 1.5 hours).

When placing your order, make sure you tick the “EMIAS QR-code required ” box and check that you entered your full name, date of birth, passport data, and SNILS (personal insurance policy number) correctly, since this data is transmitted to EMIAS for verification. You do not need to provide original documents.

When you get the results of your PCR test, go to and fill in your full name, date of birth, passport information, and phone number. The phone number must be in Russian format: +7 9xx xxx xxx xxx (it can be the phone of a friend of yours, it will only receive an SMS-code).

If the test result is negative, you will also receive an SMS message from DIT_EMIAS with a link to the numeric code. But you can check the data update on your own at

The EMIAS platform takes 1 to 3 hours to process the laboratory’s data from the time the test is ready.

We recommend that you take the PCR test in advance, but not earlier than 72 hours before the date and time of attendance at the event (if you plan to attend several days at the event, the QR code must be valid all days).

DairyTech 2022

25—27 January 2022, Crocus Expo

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