From the actual farming and raising of livestock through to processing, production, and packaging, technology touches on everything. In fact, it would be impossible to work in the modern milk and dairy industry without cutting-edge equipment and machinery

This is the 21st century, and the pace of technology that started slowly with humanity’s first stone tools has accelerated beyond belief. Now, hi-tech solutions are commonplace in all aspects of life — including dairy and meat production.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five unique sector technologies that are shaping and changing the way we create, process, and ultimately consume meat and dairy items.

5 cutting-edge & unique dairy technologies

TOP individual cow milking platform

Dutch food innovations company TOP is promising to shakeup the dairy world as it continues to develop its new individual cow milking technology.

Details are scarce on product’s development, but TOP’s new solution is said to allow farmers to bottle and sell milk from individual cows. Labels may say “sweet milk from Annabelle 30” or “creamy milk from Clara 9”, for example.

As every cow is unique, so too is every cow’s milk. It’s hoped TOP tech will be able to offer new standards of individuality currently not available on the market.

This platform is likely to be rolled out in TOP’s native Netherlands before being exported overseas.

DeLaval swinging cow brush

Happy cows are productive cows, whether they’re dairy cattle or livestock for meat farming, and productive cows are profitable cows. But how do you keep cows happy? One answer cooked up by Dairy & Meat Industry exhibitors Deleval is its exceedingly popular swinging cow brush (SCB).

Each SCB is installed in sheds and pens, hanging from an extended arm, at just the right height to allow cows to groom themselves easily. Each brush fibre has been carefully engineered to boost blood circulation — a factor that promotes cattle health and performance.

DeLaval says 4 million cows around the world enjoy its SCB every day. And, according to the brand itself, the extra good vibes cows are experiencing after a brush down adds significantly more milk to total production volumes. Extra milk output attributed to the SCB represents as much as 5 million glasses a day.

GEA DairyPlan C21 Herd Management Software

Nowadays, the world is truly digital. Software makes our daily lives that extra bit easier — and dairy farmers can enjoy the same, thanks to platforms like GEA’s DairyPlan C21 herd management suite.

On a planet where business is constantly being driven forward by data analysis, GEA’s product provides real time analysis of animal and production data — things like herd size, individual animal production output and so on.

Other farming and production aspects covered by DairyPlan include animal health monitoring, reproduction, feeding, and milking. As well as cows, modules are available for goat and sheep farming too (G21 and S21 packages).

These types of platform are becoming ever more popular around the dairy industry, so expect to see a real streamlining of software options in the near future.

Renewable energy supply

Farms, factories and abattoirs are energy intensive. And While energy doesn’t grow on trees, it can fall from the sky. Solar power is being employed at production sites around the world for clean, sustainable energy.

The price of solar panel purchasing and installation has dropped massively over the past decade. Farmers with even the shallowest of pockets can now afford to switch to a more environmentally power supply option.

For instance, out North Carolina, US, solar power is being used to pump water to higher-elevation pastures, giving livestock a happier grazing experience. And, as we know that a contented animal will give greater yield across the chain.

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