Rules for Stand Developers

Being the Organiser of the exhibition event, Hyve Expo International LLC places a heavy emphasis on the safety at the exhibition, which we organise while the risk of spreading a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) persists. Therefore the stand developers are kindly requested to comply with the rules for developers at the exhibition events in the context of new safety standards.


  • You shall use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for respiratory organs (masks, respirators) and hands (gloves) when performing installation/dismantling works, as no entry to the exhibition area without a mask and gloves will be allowed.

  • You shall keep a stock of skin antiseptics for handling hands and respiratory protective equipment (masks, respirators) and of gloves for yourself and your employees, as they must be changed based on the duration of the work shift (but at least once every 3 hours). In case of lack, damage or loss of personal protective equipment, exhibitors and guests will be able to acquire the respiratory protective equipment (masks, respirators), gloves at the entries to the exhibition area.



  • An exhibition stand shall be designed taking into account all health precautions. Including, but not limited to, keeping a minimum number of staff at the stand site, reducing the number of items on the stand, reducing the range of demonstrated products.

  • At the stage of stand construction special places should be arranged (at the information pillar) for treating hands with skin antiseptics, including using the installed dispensers or wet wipes.

  • It is recommended to use a modular stand in order to avoid an increased number of risks during its construction.

  • The stand shall be designed in such a way that a minimum number of employees are involved in the construction of the stand.
    NB: You can use various signs, floor markings, and tapes to control physical distancing.

  • Layout of the exhibitor’s items should be reviewed taking into account the stand size and/or physical conditions. For example, smart branding on the stand walls facing the passages for guests will attract the right guests to the stand and reduce excessive crowding.

  • The stand areas intended for meeting guests shall be designed in accordance with the social distancing regulations (at least 1.5 m).

  • To minimise physical contact, materials for the stand shall be brought to the site in parts, not at once, and workers should not exchange with any hand tools.

  • The stand should be designed so as to include an information stand with a plexiglass screen to protect the exhibitors who will be the first to welcome guests to the stand.

  • The stand design should include the use of physical partitions within the areas where exhibitors plan to hold face-to-face meetings with clients or the team.

  • It is recommended to place screens on the stand walls for virtual demonstration of several products instead of exhibitors’ showing products from the entire range.

  • The stand should be designed taking into account routing of stand guests and placement of desks, racks on stands, subject to keeping social distance (no less than 1.5 meter), and providing separate entries and exits to the stand using the appropriate signs and restrictive tapes.

  • The number of exhibitors, guests and other categories of persons entitled to be within the stand simultaneously shall be calculated, placed/seated taking into account the social distancing regulations (at least 1.5 meters).

  • Special places should be arranged in the stand (at entrances/exits or in other crowded areas) for treating hands with skin antiseptics, including using the installed dispensers or wet wipes.

  • It is recommended to design the stand in such a way that exhibitors can control the density of guests and personnel. This will help the exhibitors to determine the maximum number of people (employees and guests) that they can safely place on their stand, given its size. If necessary, please, specify the entry and exit paths for guests in the stand.


  • The developers shall ensure compliance with all the applicable sanitary and hygienic requirements in the stands where they work. Therefore, the first thing you shall do is to install hand sanitizers near the information pillars in the stands, which can be easily used by your employees.

  • You may need to make sure that your employees working in the stand are able to use them correctly.

  • Schedule disinfection with a frequency of treatment every 2 hours for all contact surfaces in the stand: door handles, handrails of stairs, railings, surfaces of desks, showcases, racks, tools, etc.

  • Prior to handover of your finished stand, it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning of the personnel and common areas within the stand using virucidal disinfectants that are allowed to be used in conformity with applicable rules.

  • Organise the collection of used masks (respirators) and gloves of your personnel in plastic bags within the stand followed by their disposal as solid wastes.

  • Inform your personnel by placing text and visual information at the entrance to the stand about the need to comply with measures developed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.



  • You shall provide your company personnel involved in stand installation/dismantling works with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for respiratory organs (masks, respirators) and hands (gloves) and monitor their correct use and timely replacement.

  • Make sure that these protective items meet the required standards and are kept under hygienic conditions.

  • Employees building the stand should use face shields, and also pay attention to the following rules for their operation:

    • Wash your hands before putting on and removing the protective shield;

    • Change your face shields every day and disinfect before use;

    • If they can be washed, the protective shields must be washed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If they cannot be washed, they must be duly disposed of.

    • One face shield shall be used by one person only.



  • Compliance with social distancing regulations is considered to be the most important measure to control the spread of COVID-19. Ensure social distancing of employees (at least 1.5 meters) during the installation/dismantling works, taking into account the safety requirements set to such works.

  • Consider using any safe areas outside the exhibition site for work breaks.

  • Consider ordering pre-packaged meals/snacks for your own employees to avoid having to go to food outlets. Please, prohibit eating at workplaces. Meals should be taken in a specially designated area for personnel according to a pre-established schedule, taking into account the social distancing of at least 1.5 meters.

  • Make sure that you have instructed the team, including your subcontractors, about all the measures that the Organiser applies before you arrive at the exhibition site.

  • Instruct the team about all the measures you have decided to apply before they go to the site. Please, share your plans concerning the ways to reduce risks in advance so that they feel comfortable.

  • Your personnel shall be also instructed to follow safety measures for the prevention of a new coronavirus infection spread, including the use of disinfectants.

  • It is necessary to appoint one employee to be responsible for compliance with control measures, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment for respiratory organs (masks, respirators) and hands (gloves) by employees during installation/dismantling works.

  • Every day, before being admitted to the event site, the employees involved in the event preparation shall undergo the body temperature control procedure, with mandatory removal from the workplace of the persons having elevated body temperature and/or signs of an infectious disease.

  • Note: Your responsible attitude and good organisation are the key to your personal health and the health of others, and also eliminate the risk of being held liable for violations of sanitary and epidemiological regulations established by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

List “Rules for Exhibitors” attached as Appendix No. 3 to the Director General Order No. 04-20/ВД dated 19 August 2020.