Exhibition sectors

Primary milk processing equipment
Cooling equipment
Tanks and capacitive equipment
Washing, disinfecting equipment and materials and much more
Dairy production technology & equipment
Equipment and technologies for whole & fermented milk production
Equipment & technologies for cottage cheese and curd production
Ingredients and ferments and much more
Packaging, filling & bottling equipment
Filling and capping equipment
Blowing equipment
Equipment and technologies for packaging and dosing and much more
Ingredients for dairy products, drinks
starter cultures for all types of dairy and sour-milk products, chee
enzymes and antimicrobials
complex mixtures and additives for the dairy industry
Refrigerating equipment
refrigerating units, monoblocks and split systems
freezers and freezing installations
cold rooms
Equipment and technologies for ice cream production
kneading and mixing machines
devices for raw materials preparation, glazing and ice-cream filling
dosing systems and shaping equipment