Exhibition during the pandemic

Hints and Precautions for Exhibitors, Developers and Guests

Safe and Secure Even in such a precarious epidemiological situation, exhibitions remain an important business support tool. Therefore, Hyve Expo International continues to hold business events, but organises them in strict compliance with the principle of social responsibility. Starting from September 2020, all exhibitions are held with adherence to all new health and safety requirements and recommendations.

The Safe & Secure logo, placed on the website describing the event or directly on the exhibition site, confirms that the highest standards of health and safety will be ensured throughout the event. Safe & Secure standards meet the requirements set by UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and AEO (Association of Event Organizers), as well as the federal (Rospotrebnadzor) and local authorities.

Rules for Exhibitors
Things to know about the new safety standards
Rules for Stand Developers
Things to know about the new rules for exhibition space development
Terms of visiting
Safety precautions to be observed when visiting the exhibition

Before the Exhibition: Registration, Entry, E-ticket

online registration1. Information about the current rules to be applied at the exhibition is posted on the official website of the exhibition, in social networks, and it is also regularly sent by e-mail.​

2. Before entering Russia, please, read the rules that the state authorities of your country recommend to follow while travelling abroad.

3. Use the exhibition plan, the list of exhibitors, and the appointment system to schedule meetings in advance. Plan your time at the event carefully.

4. Please register for the exhibition online and print out your e-ticket. This is strongly recommended, since the opportunity to do this immediately before entering the exhibition will be limited. Please, find out the promocode in the company you are going to visit and get an e-ticket in advance so that you don’t waste your time waiting in the lobby for your turn to register.

5. Experts recommend paying special attention to maintaining social distance. We are going to make special floor markings, so the companies should take this fact into account when developing the exhibition area.

During the exhibition: disinfection, social distancing, safe communication

safety at the exhibitionHygiene and disinfection

1. Neither you, nor your personnel shall attend the event if there are any symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection or COVID-19.

2. Please, bring your own hand sanitizer with you and use it when entering the exhibition hall, any specific stand, or business program site. If necessary, use public sanitizers, which will be located at all of the above places.

3. Subject to the current rules applied in Moscow and the Moscow Region, you shall wear masks and gloves at exhibitions and conferences. We ask you to wear PPE when entering the exhibition halls and business program sites. Please, keep your own masks and gloves in stock and don’t forget to change them regularly.

4. We ask exhibitors to perform a more thorough disinfection treatment before the opening and after the exhibition, as well as to perform regular disinfections during the exhibition days, paying special attention to crowded places and to contact surfaces.

5. In cooperation with “Crocus Expo”, we conduct thorough cleaning and disinfection of all public areas before opening of and during the exhibition.

social distanceSocial distancing

1. There may be one-way passages. Please pay attention to the markings and navigation signs.

2. As you move along the two-way passages in the exhibition hall, we ask you to keep to the right, so as not to intersect with guests who are coming towards you.

3. Please, do not shake hands and try not to exchange paper business cards.

4. We recommend that exhibitors use the appointment system to collect information about all the guests of the stand in order to ensure contactless data exchange.

5. Try not to touch any items on the stand. Please, use gloves or disinfect the surface, if you need to touch any product or equipment.

6. Keep a social distance at all meetings, presentations, and receptions.

7. We asked exhibitors not to hand out any gifts and to consider the possibility of sending e-brochures by e-mail.

8. We recommend that you arrange meetings in advance and schedule them for a less busy time. Please, provide special security measures, and schedule meetings that don’t last more than 15 minutes each.

contactless transactionsSafe communication

1. Use a cashless payment method. Contactless payments are accepted in most points of sale in the Crocus Expo IEC.

2. Areas designed for business meetings and rest will be arranged in the halls, taking into account the social distancing requirements. Please come to the business program events before the scheduled time.

3. Special safety precautions will be taken at the exhibition: protective screens will be installed, the number of entrances will be increased, one-way traffic will be organized where necessary, and sanitisers and PPE will be provided. We kindly ask all exhibitors and guests of the exhibition to take care of their health and strictly follow the established rules together with us: use personal protective equipment and antiseptics.

After the exhibition: movement control 

Masks at the exhibition

​We are confident that the measures we take as organisers, exhibition centre and exhibitors will make our event as safe as possible. Make sure that you provide accurate details during the registration process. Local authorities will contact you if they need to provide you with information about movement control.


If you cannot visit the exhibition for objective reasons:

∙ find more on the exhibition sectors;
∙ check out the list of participants;
∙ look at the plan of the exhibition;
∙ get acquainted with the speakers of the business program;
∙ watch online broadcasts of the business program;
∙ read the news of the exhibition and its participants;
∙ see photos and videos from the exhibition.