Key trends in dairy production at the start of 2020

The dairy industry goes green in 2019

We explore the results of a global industry study on the main trends in dairy product production in 2019 conducted by NZMP, a company that’s part of Fonterra, one of the world's largest producers of dairy ingredients and products.

Consumers urge producers to go green

One of the most important aspects to emerge in 2019 is sustainability and ethical sourcing within the whole supply chain of the dairy industry. Consumers are beginning to choose dairy products that they consider healthy for themselves as well as for the planet. Environmentally-friendly milk production ensures no pollution or carbon emissions are released and that the land and natural resources are not depleted.


Globaldata provides the following statistics:

  • 41% of consumers want dairy products with stamps attesting to their eco-credentials
  • 38% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-packaging such as biodegradable or recyclable materials
  • 30% of consumers are willing to pay more for a manufacturer’s increased social responsibility such as sustainable practices and resource-saving technologies

In an interview with DairyNews, Sergey Baranov, Kieselmann Rus CEO, said:

“The fact is that a number of trends related to the Russian dairy industry are expanding their influence on the entire food production market. The first trend that I would like to mention with some pleasure is sustainability in production. Today, businesses have set the goal of minimising their negative impact on the environment, which automatically leads to the second trend – increasing production efficiency."

As well as sustainability, 2019 was also a year for:

Sales growth of so-called functional products

Consumers want products to not only taste good, but also be healthy and to fulfil a specific function. This includes foods that are low in lactose, yogurts with bacteria that aid digestion, and milk-based products for athletes (water with whey protein isolate).

Fewer sales of sugar-laden dairy products

Consumers are getting savvier with products that contain sugar. People are increasingly ready to give up that sweet taste in favour of low-calorie, sugar-free or substitute products. Taking the example of low-calorie ice cream, when a product is released, manufacturers are trying to reduce the amount of sugar but maintain the taste.

The growing popularity of plant-based milks

Almond, soy, coconut, oat, and rice milk are all quickly gaining ground. Whether it’s for those who are lactose intolerant or those who are cutting back or cutting out on dairy, plant-based milks have seen a massive growth in sales.

There’s no doubt these dairy trends will continue into 2020 and we’ll see some others appearing on the market too.

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