Galdi Green Report 2020

DairyTech 2022 exhibitor announced Galdi Green Report 2020

Galdi, a years-long DairyTech exhibitor, develops and manufactures highly profitable solutions for the filling and packaging of milk, dairy products, juices and egg melange. The company puts into action sustainability principles and reduces the consumption of electricity, water, paper, as well as the amount of waste.

Цели устойчивого развития

Galdi Village

2020 Achievements

  • 314 026 kWh bought from renewable sources 
  • 100 % C02-free gas
  • 100% of the water used for machine tests is recovered and reused through a filtering system
  • 99,7 % recycled solid waste
  • Treedom project - 2020 Cameroon 202 trees, 2020 Kenya 53 trees
  • The cooperation with a network of research institutes 
  • Less waste, less consumption
  • A green, environment-friendly packaging choice

Water consumptionGaldi treedom

Goals 2022

  • Opening of the Galdi Village, a place to fill
  • Creation and implementation of a prevention plan\project for Galdi’s employees
  • Developing new digital services to help customers reduce food waste 

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