DairyTech’s Event Director on the show’s new focus

Event Director Oksana Veligurova on what awaits at this month’s DairyTech 2020

This year, the exhibition Dairy & Meat Industry turns in a new direction, focussing on technology for milk production. The newly rebranded DairyTech 2020 will take place from 18-21 February 2020 at Moscow’s Crocus Expo.

We caught up with Event Director Oksana Veligurova to learn more about what’s in store.

Oksana, how has the show evolved over the past 18 years?

Since the first Dairy & Meat Industry in 2002, both the industry and the show have changed a lot. We’ve progressed through these 18 years with our exhibitors and sponsors, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years. We’ve introduced many interactive services and improved how we present our exhibitor list and product list. Of course, this year we’re rebranding to DairyTech, where we’ll present the whole range of equipment, technologies and materials for producing milk and dairy products.

The show will bring together over 210 leading manufacturers and distributors from 12 countries including France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, China, and Turkey. The exhibitors, including 60 newcomers, will present their equipment for producing dairy products and cheeses, bottling and packaging, and components and materials for the dairy industry.


DairyTech milk processing

What prompted this move?

After analysing last year’s Dairy and Meat Industry, speaking to industry experts and doing our own market research, we felt that the industry is in need of a trade show for the full technological cycle of industrial milk processing to meet the demand for high-quality equipment, technologies, and materials. This will help ensure high production rates and increase the quality of milk and dairy products, from primary processing of raw materials to finished packaging.

DairyTech is now focused on presenting the full technological cycle of industrial processing of milk. Companies involved in milk processing and production of finished products will be able to choose and purchase a wide range of equipment from our exhibitors.

What is now included in DairyTech?

The show is segmented into product categories, showcasing hundreds of equipment, new products and special offers from manufacturers and suppliers from 12 different countries:
  • Equipment and technologies for primary processing of milk: milking and cooling equipment, washing, disinfecting equipment and tools, equipment and technologies for quality control, automation of the production process and more
  • Equipment and technologies for producing dairy products: whole-dairy products, cheeses, butter, dairy concentrates, ice cream, ingredients and starter cultures
  • Packaging, filling and bottling equipment: for purification and preparation of water, bottling and corking, blowing, pasteurisation and sterilisation, packaging, packaging and batching, as well as finished packaging, containers, equipment for marking and labelling, weighing equipment and more


What events are planned for this year’s DairyTech?

Our business programme events are aimed at a wide range of dairy industry professionals and will take place from 18-20 February. I’m sure they’ll be of interest to managers and purchasers, technologists and engineers, as well as marketers and other professionals. We’ve put a great deal of effort towards ensuring the very best speakers and the most relevant subjects to be covered.

We’re very pleased that Olga Abramova, Minister of Agriculture of the Udmurt Republic, will present a report at DairyTech. The three-day programme offers exciting sessions on global trends, growth points, new products and technologies in the dairy industry, and experience in the Mercury system and the use of digital marking. One of the key events this year is the plenary session on the trends of the healthy lifestyle and sustainability within dairy businesses’ strategies.

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